Installations in different materials and various places during the period 1992 - 2006. In 2012 an interpretation of The Transparency of the Past was exibited at Sven-Harrys konstmuseum in Stockholm.

Meta Isaeus-Berlin's installations are accomplished works of art that lingers in memory and creates metaphors for life by depicting its single events sometimes as surrealistic or traumatic but also poetic and loving, in a mix of trivial reality and irrational beauty and fantasy.

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Paintings (Oil on canvas) from exhibitions and separate work.

Meta Isaeus-Berlin's paintings depict dreamlike and suggestive situations rather than objective realism, and illustrate stories that describe our inner relationships and unexpressed feelings. A striking feature is also the narrative element, showing figures of a surreal character captured in moments of thought and time. The illusory setting and the open and associative style of the paintings enables the observer to create an individual interpretation and an image of the story related.

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Drawings, graphics and pastel on paper. » See the Paperworks

Public art

Visningsrummet at Rättsmedicinalverket in Linköping och Kronan i Örebro. » See Public art